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      Oh why is a Gate stuck across at this Spot?

      "Stop firing. What are you shooting at?" said a voice of authority in the rebel works. "Who gave the order to fire?"

      The door opened. A slim, blonde girl stood by it, her mouth still grinning. "Cendar, I mean it," she said. "You watch out. One of these days you're going to get into trouble."

      Reuben seemed to have an endless supply of money.[Pg 62] He, whom she had seen deny himself white bread and tobacco, and scold his mother if she used eggs to make a pudding, did not seem now to care how much he spent for her amusement. He vowed, laughing, that she should not leave the shie till she had brought down a nut, and the showman pocketed pennies till he grinned from ear to ear, while Naomi threw the wooden balls in all directions, hitting the showman and the spectators and once even Reuben himself. At last he took her arm, and putting himself behind her managed after one or two attempts to guide a successful throw. They went off laughing with her prize, and came once more to the open ground where Harry was still playing his fiddle.

      Then, at last, after experiences which had had [Pg 91]boredom added to their pain by repetition, she murmured"What is it, mother?"and a real, breathing, living, crying, little girl was put into her arms.

      The master beckoned through the open door of Cadnan's working-room, and two more masters appeared, strange ones, leading between them an elder. The elder, Cadnan saw at once, had lived through many matings: the green skin of his arms was turning to silver, and his eye was no longer bright, but dulling fast with age. He looked at the working-room and at the young Albert with blank caution.Si was so delighted at getting Pete back unhurt that he did not have the heart to reply to the engineer's gibes.


      "That's right. They're a'most to the crick now," assented Gid. "I'm going to shoot."


      "Oh, will you! Well, there'll be naun to prevent you when you're out of this houseand out you go to-night; I'll have no Radical hogs on my farm. I'm shut of you!"


      "My name Hortat. My name Hortat."