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      "Ha! and do ye say so?" returned Tyler, elevating his arm, "take ye that for your insolence:" but the blow, which would have deprived the worthy citizens of their sturdy chief, was arrested, ere it descended, by Warwick, who seized the uplifted weapon from behind, and the next moment the smith received a stunning blow from William Walworth's mace; then, as the reins dropped from his hands, a thrust from De Boteler's sword, ended the cares of one who, doubtless, had he lived at a later period, might, in the cause for which he bled, have been a Tell or a Hofer.

      Lord Inverbroom held out his hand.The baron and his guests then withdrew.

      Then suddenly an honour fell on Odiam. The War Office itself sent it a telegram. But the honour was taken sadly, for the telegram announced that Sergeant David Backfield had been killed in action at Laing's Nek.

      THE END.


      "Not one step further, kern!" cried the treasurer, seizing his sword, and placing himself in front of Sudbury.


      "Yes, my lord, HE is free!"


      "My lord, I have seldom looked upon one so fair. In my judgment she was the loveliest I ever saw in these parts."